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12th June 2023

We have arrived!

University Challenge Science Quiz

24th May 2023

What a thrilling competition this turned out to be for our Reddiford Scientists! All three teams (Hawking, Attenborough and Parks) worked extremely hard and demonstrated their excellent scientific prowess and…

Y5 Globe Trip

23rd May 2023

On Friday 19th May Year 5 enjoyed a hugely informative trip to the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London. We were able to view some of the sights of central London…

Prep Coronation Party

18th May 2023

Reddiford Prep have enjoyed a wonderful coronation party today and the pupils were thrilled to have their photo taken with HRH King Charles 3rd! There was also a delicious fish…


15th May 2023

This year’s Junior Maths Challenge was another huge success for our Year 6 pupils at Reddiford. The Junior Maths Challenge is aimed at Year 7 and Year 8 pupils and…

Year 6 E Safety course

27th April 2023

Year 6 have been learning all about staying safe online. This afternoon’s E-Safety course teaches pupils essential online skills for staying safe, avoiding inappropriate content and how and when to…

Reddiford Year 6 Netball Tournament – Thursday 16th March

22nd March 2023

The Year 6 girls were excited to be hosting their very own Netball Tournament to celebrate the culmination of their many achievements in their favourite team sport! They welcomed teams…

Year 4 St. Hilda’s Netball Tournament – Tuesday 14th March

22nd March 2023

On Tuesday 14th March, two teams of Year 4 girls travelled to St. Hilda’s for their inaugural Year 4 Netball Tournament. They showed great enthusiasm and stamina in taking part…

Orley Farm Year 6 Maths Challenge – 13th March 2023

17th March 2023

Akshaj, Anaiya, Akshayen and Aditya represented Reddiford on Monday at the Orley Farm Year 6 Maths Challenge. We are delighted to share that Akshaj and Aniaya came first out of…

Year 3+4 Football V Quainton Hall- Tuesday 7th March

14th March 2023

The Year 3 and 4 girls were excited to arrive at Quainton Hall with some fresh flurries of snow gracing the skies. Luckily, they were totally undeterred by the unusual…