School Reviews

Nikunj Khandelwal
My son went to Reddiford and graduated in 2022. He’s turned out to be a brilliant young boy. Who is now ready to take on secondary school!

I believe this is all thanks to the excellent staff at Reddiford and their brilliant pastoral support. I myself have first hand experienced him improve in areas where he lagged behind due to the extra effort put in by the teachers. e.g. In reading in year 2, he was lagging behind his peers. Whatever the staff did behind the scenes, has made him into a voracious and eclectic reader!

Thank you Reddiford for your fantastic effort!

Madhusudhanan Sethuraman
Great school for kids. Excellent teachers & staff. Friendly environment. Will definitely recommend. My child loved going to Reddiford School.

Fluffy Sheep
My experience at Reddiford was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better primary school to give me that little boost in my life. I made so many friends and I was so upset to leave. The teachers were so kind and I 100% recommend 😃

The school has an amazing nursery/ foundation. Very nurturing. Teachers are amazing.

David Nash
Reddiford School is utterly superb ….both my son’s went to Reddiford through to 11 years old and did superbly well.
My eldest went to Merchant Taylor’s School and Oxford University. Whilst there he achieved a ‘Double Blue’ at rugby and was offered a chance to play for England Students.
He is now finishing off a Doctorate.
My other son went to Berkhampstead School and played County, Regional and International Hockey.
He achieved a Masters degree and may go on from there.
Much of this achievement is due to the spirit of excellence imparted by
Reddiford School.
Forget the rest…..go for the best and trust me that is definitely Reddiford School.

Anita Sharma
5 Stars! *****
Brilliant independent boys and girls primary education.

5 stars! *****

Rahil Jay Ladwa
5 stars! *****

Khush Patel
5 stars! *****

Ishee’s World
5 stars! *****

S Mahmud
5 stars! *****