Pre Prep Outings & Trips

Year One learn about local history with a visit to Pinner High Street and Headstone Manor Museum to support this learning. Study in Science is consolidated with a trip to the Look Our Discovery Centre in Bracknell to explore, investigate and have fun with science. The summer term sees a fun trip to Gulliver’s Land as a reward for their hard work all year and a day of competitive fun and learning during Olympic Day. A visit to Aylesbury Museum also takes place in the summer term where the children participate in workshops around popular Roald Dahl stories.

Year Two travel back through history to an open air museum to take part in activities such as cooking and shelter building from Stone Age times. They visit the Heath Robinson Museum to explore and investigate the science around forces and building structures. Viking Day is a great opportunity to dress up and take part in role play activities, writing in Runes and making shields and jewellery. STEM Day is a chance to explore areas of science, technology, engineering and maths, with activities structured throughout the day. Year 2 also enjoy a reward trip to Legoland in the summer.

All Pre Prep children enjoy attending a Pantomime at Christmas and a magic show from Mr Marvel.   We also invite speakers in to talk to the children. Visitors to school include dentists and Perform Drama.