About Us

Reddiford School, 36-38 Cecil Park, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5HH
020 8866 0660

Reddiford’s Aims and Ethos

Reddiford School aims to develop the whole child, not just securing academic foundations but also in the varied qualities needed in a demanding modern society. This is achieved by providing a broad and balanced curriculum. The Christian ethos encourages fellowship between all cultures and religions. Self-discipline, tolerance and care for their fellow man are also an essential part of the curriculum. Expectations therefore are high and pupils are expected to rise to meet these demands, both academically and socially, within the secure framework of the school. Each pupil is different and care is taken through positive direction and reward to enable all children to achieve success and excel in their own way. One of Reddiford’s main aims is that our children will “smile”. If the pupils are smiling we know that:

S: they feel safe, in the knowledge that they are respected and their views valued
M: they are motivated to learn because meaningful education is being delivered
I: they will quickly become independent learners because they received inspirational teaching
L: they will become lifelong learners because individually differentiated work ensures the level of learning is appropriate and this generates a love of learning
E: they are learning in a school that is continually evolving and presenting itself with new challenges, thus preparing them for a constantly changing world.