Sheila Harwood (Class of 1949)

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I have just discovered that my ‘old school’ is still there in Pinner. My brother and I both went to Reddiford School about 70 years ago. I started there in 1943 and my brother started three years earlier. We were both there until we were 11 years old. I remember that when I first started there I used to cry and the teachers had to get my brother from his class to comfort me. I did get used to it after a while. I remember when we had our classes in the hut at the bottom of the garden. When we had mental  arithmetic, Mr White would walk down the garden path calling out numbers which we had to add up. We therefore had to be very alert. At break I used to play chain ‘he’ on the concrete playground. It was quite scary when I was on the end of the chain being swung round. We used to have ‘games’ in St Andrews church hall on Rickmansworth Road. We used to wear ‘sashes’ of our house colour. We used to line up in our houses – red, yellow, green and blue. I remember being told off for doing my homework with my friend Ann Rothnie. They knew we did it together because we made the same mistake! We also had netball lessons at the recreation ground in Northwood off Pinner Road by the railway. I can’t remember how we got there and back! I really enjoyed the lessons.

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