Posted: 26th April 2023

This term the children in Reception are learning about dinosaurs and taking part in lots of fun dinosaur activities.
The children were excited to see a dinosaur egg appear in their classrooms. They are watching it carefully, looking for cracks and wondering what will hatch from it…
(pic of whole egg and children looking at it from previous email)


The dinosaur has hatched!

There are some dinosaur footprints in the classroom. Where are they leading?

We followed them outside but we are not sure where it has gone.

We followed the footprints outside.

We think the baby T-Rex has jumped over the fence into our neighbours garden. We will write them a letter to warn them! We checked the school camera and were amazed to see a huge T-Rex looking for it’s baby in the classroom! Where is it?? The outdoor camera shows the T-Rex looking around outside! We have looked in the playground but there is no sign of any dinosaurs. It really is a mystery!

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