Junior Maths Challenge

Posted: 18th May 2022

This year’s Junior Maths Challenge was another huge success for our Year 6 pupils at Reddiford. The Junior Maths Challenge is aimed at Year 7 and Year 8 pupils and is entered by schools across the country. 30 out of the 42 children in Year 6 earned an award – the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust gives awards to the top 50% of entrants. So nearly three-quarters of our Year 6 are in the Top 50% of Year 8 mathematicians. What a phenomenal accolade for them and a huge source of pride for us as a School.

Five children earned Bronze awards: Anni, Saayuj, Annika, Soraya and Reyan.

Fifteen children earned Silver awards: Aman, Aarish, Ashni, Kuldeep, Zubiya, Rishi, Aadam, Aditi, Rhea, Shreya, Kiaan, Samir, Mihika, Abhay and Mira.

Ten children earned Gold Awards this year: Arya, Haren, Omar, Krisha, Eva, Rishane, Leah, Thomas, Anya and Vihaan. This is a new high for us. Previously, the most Golds we had received was 7 in 2018.

Arya, Haren, Omar, Krisha and Eva also earned invitations to the Kangaroo Bonus Round.

The total of thirty awards is also a new best, after we earned 29 last year!

Congratulations to all who took part – it was a challenging paper and all of the children performed admirably. They have made excellent progress and I hope they take a love of mathematics and problem solving to their future schools. Thanks, of course, go to their teachers over the years and to their families for supporting them and the School.

Well done!

Mr Ford

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